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ORGANIC ON THE RISE: While the number of certified organic operations in Nebraska increased 1% over 2015, certified organic production sales increased 33% over 2015, according to NASS.

Nebraska organic production up 33% in 2016

NASS survey shows certified organic operations in state sold $96 million in products in 2016.

Certified organic operations in Nebraska sold $96 million in organic products in 2016, up 33% from 2015, according to the 2016 Certified Organic Survey conducted by USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. The number of certified organic operations in Nebraska totaled 162, up 1% from 2015, on 107,371 acres.

The survey is a census of all known U.S. farmers and ranchers with certified organic production in 2016. The survey collected acreage production, and sales data for a variety of certified organic crop and livestock commodities.

This report comes from UNL CropWatch.


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