2012 Nebraska State Fair Has An App For Visitors

2012 Nebraska State Fair Has An App For Visitors

It will help you keep up-to-date on the daily schedule and give you notifications about concerts and other events.

The Nebraska State Fair has unveiled its new smart phone app for iPhone and Androids that is designed specifically with the fairgoer in mind. The Nebraska State Fair, which is held at Fonner Park in Grand Island, will be Aug. 24 to Sept. 3.

According to Chelsey Jungck, State Fair director of events and entertainment, "We have given a great deal of thought to make sure that our smart phone app is chock full of useful information for everyone."

2012 Nebraska State Fair Has An App For Visitors

The smart phone app is available at the Apple Store or on the Android Market and is free to download. "This application will put the Nebraska State Fair on the cutting edge of communication between the fair and smart phone user—not only during the fair, but all year, Jungck adds.

"This app will help you find your favorite food, keep you up-to-date on the daily schedule, give you timely push notifications about upcoming concerts and other events. With the GPS positioning system, you can reconnect with family and friends on the grounds and it will even help you find your car at the end of the day."

Users will be able to find directions, plan their day at the fair, as well as get the latest announcements and social media right on their smart phone, according to Jungck. "Each year, we will refine the application to make it even easier to use as more people find themselves with more technology at their fingertips."

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