Beware If You Import Cattle from Minnesota

Nebraska may issue additional rules due to TB.

To help protect the health of the state's livestock, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture reminds anyone importing cattle from Minnesota of expected additional import requirements.

According to Minnesota officials, that state recently discovered its fourth tuberculosis-infected herd within the last 12 months, which will likely downgrade Minnesota's current bovine TB status to "Modified Accredited."

The MA status automatically triggers certain Nebraska's TB regulations, which require all cattle imported into Nebraska from states certified with a MA tuberculosis status to meet one of the following two criteria:

1. Originate from an accredited herd and obtain a permit for entry, list the accreditation number on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, be individually identified on the CVI, and be tested negative to an official tuberculin test within 60 days prior to entry; or
2. Originate from a herd which has tested negative to an official whole-herd tuberculin test within 365 days prior to entry and obtain a permit for entry, be individually identified with identification listed on the CVI, have tested negative to an official tuberculin test within 60 days prior to entry, and be quarantined at destination until slaughter or retested negative to an official tuberculin test.
"We encourage all producers importing cattle into Nebraska to be aware of the requirements," says Dr. Dennis Hughes, state veterinarian. "These safeguards are in place to help protect the health of our animals as well as our livestock industry."

These regulations will be effective immediately when Minnesota's TB status is downgraded.

"We are putting this reminder out now in order to prepare livestock producers/importers of this important, pending change to their normal import practices," Hughes adds.

The regulations are in addition to the current Nebraska Animal Importation Act. Individuals that are planning to import cattle into the state should contact the NDA, Bureau of Animal Industry at 800-572-2437 for more information.

NDA will issue another notice once Minnesota's status change is made official.

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