Corn Board Will Have Three Vacancies

Apply for appointment by May 16 deadline.

The terms for three members of the Nebraska Board will expire June 20. The members represent Districts 2 and 3 and the at-large position.

District 2 consists of Adams, Clay, Fillmore, Franklin, Webster, Nuckolls and Thayer counties. Mark Jagels of Davenport currently represents District 2 and has indicated that he will pursue reappointment.

District 3 coves Merrick, Polk, Hamilton and York counties. Stan Boehr of Henderson is the current District 3 director. He will not pursue reappointment.

The at-large district consists of all counties in Nebraska. Alan Tiemann of Seward is the current At-Large director and has indicated that he will pursue reappointment.

Appointment for Districts 2 and 3 are made by the governor. Appointment for the at-large district is made by the board.

Any candidate for appointment may place his or her name on the candidacy list by filing a petition with the Nebraska Corn Board. Qualified candidates are those individuals who are citizens of Nebraska, at least 21 years old, have been actively engaged in growing corn in Nebraska for 5 years and derive a substantial portion of their income from growing corn. Board members who currently represent these districts are also eligible to re-petition.

Petitions can be obtained by writing the Nebraska Corn Board, P.O. Box 95107, Lincoln, NE 68509-5107 or by calling (800) 632-6761.

A candidacy petition must carry the signature of at least 50 corn producers from that district. All petitions must be received by the Corn Board no later than 5 p.m. on May 16, 2008. Faxed copies do not qualify.

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