Ethanol Industry Brings 1,000 Jobs to Nebraska

Salaries above state's average.

The ethanol industry has directly created almost 1,000 permanent jobs at 21 operating ethanol plants.

The average salary of these jobs is around $49,000, according to a 2006 survey conducted by the Nebraska Ethanol Board. This salary is well above the Nebraska average of $34,300, according to the US Department of Labor.

Demand for skilled workers in the ethanol sector continued to push salary compensation higher in 2007. A study by the Nebraska Public Power District reported that 1,500 new jobs have been indirectly created by increased economic activity resulting from the ethanol industry.

Nebraskans continued to use more ethanol during recent months. Sixty-one percent of all fuel sold in Nebraska is E10, a blend of 10 percent ethanol and 90% gas that can run in any car. On average, E10 in Nebraska is 10 cents cheaper than regular unleaded. Nebraska drivers who buy E10 collectively save more than $50 million a year.

Todd Sneller, administrator of the Nebraska Ethanol Board, says that ethanol's economic advantage over regular gas has a big positive impact on the average Nebraskan.

"Ethanol brings hundreds of good paying jobs to our state and saves Nebraskans money each time they purchase E10," Sneller says.

"Nebraskans are saving more than $50 million annually at current prices by purchasing E10 instead of regular unleaded. If all fuel purchased in Nebraska was E10, Nebraskans could save over $80 million annually. That money would help generate more economic activity that benefits Nebraskan drivers and our economy. As E85 becomes more widely available, these economic benefits will increase," he adds.

More information about ethanol and its environmental and economic benefits is available in the 2007 Ethanol Fact Book, available at

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