Farm Bureau Poll: HHD Visitors Favor Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Farm Bureau Poll: HHD Visitors Favor Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Respondents also favor Deb Fischer over Bob Kerrey for Senate seat from Nebraska.

Husker Harvest Days attendees who voted in Nebraska Farm Bureau's straw poll during the show gave favorable signs to three of the proposed Constitutional Amendments on the ballot for voters in November. They also gave Republican candidates for Congress and the White House a favorable nod.

Farm Bureau Poll: HHD Visitors Favor Proposed Constitutional Amendments

A total of 284 visitors to the Farm Bureau building at the farm show in Grand Island voted in the non-scientific poll, Sept. 11-13. Pollsters were asked to weigh in on proposed constitutional amendments to make hunting, fishing and wildlife harvesting a protected right; allow members of the Nebraska Legislature to serve three, rather than two, consecutive terms; and boost state senators annual salaries from $12,000 per year to $22,500 per year.

"Eighty-one percent of those voting supported establishing the right to hunt and fish, while only 9% opposed," said Jay Ferris, Nebraska Farm Bureau's director of grassroots programs. "The proposal to extend the terms of Nebraska legislators was supported with 52% of the vote and 37% against. Fifty-one percent supported the increase in state senator salaries while 33% opposed."

The poll also asked voters to weigh in on the presidential election, Nebraska's open seat for U.S. Senate, and all three U.S. House of Representatives races. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was the decisive choice of pollsters receiving 86% approval with only 10% favoring President Obama.

Eighty-eight percent of those voting also favored Deb Fischer over Bob Kerrey who received 9% of the vote. All three Republican incumbents from Nebraska in the U.S. House of Representatives were definitive winners in the polls. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, Republican in District 1, garnered 85% of the vote in comparison to 6% for Korey Reiman. Rep. Lee Terry , Republican in District 2, received 78% percent of the vote in comparison to 11% for John Ewing. Rep. Adrian Smith, Republican in District 3, received support from 89 percent of the pollsters compared to Mark Sullivan's 9%.

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