Farm Video, Card Games Aimed at Entertaining, Educating Kids

Farm Video, Card Games Aimed at Entertaining, Educating Kids

Package is put together by Nebraska Pork Producers and Nebraska Soybean Board.

The Nebraska Pork Producers Association and the Nebraska Soybean Board are joining forces to help elementary school students to better understand the important role animal agriculture plays in the state's economy--and to their own dinner tables.

The NPPA and the NSB are offering two entertainment-based educational packages free to elementary school teachers to increase student awareness--in a fun way--of the importance of hog farming and soybean farming in the state.

Video, Card Games Aimed at Entertaining, Educating School Kids

The Food For Thought video, and the Bingo card game, were introduced in October, which has been designated "Pork Month." The video is designed for fourth-graders, while the card games are designed for second-through fifth-graders.

Food for Thought is a 22-minute animated video to teach students in an entertaining way how today's hog farming is practiced in Nebraska. Bingo, a two-in-one card game, features "Pork Bingo" on one side of the card, and "Soy Bingo" on the other. Aimed at second-through fifth-grade students, the games provide fun-based facts about both pork and soybean production.

The video tells the story of a suburban fourth-grader who knows nothing about hog farming or the economics and entrepreneurship that goes into running a successful business. He comes around to appreciating what is involved in successful hog farming. After he takes a tour of a working farm and meets a real life farmer--and his fourth-grade daughter--in the process. The Food for Thought package, approved by the Nebraska Department of Education, also includes a short video filmed on a real-life Nebraska hog farm to provide students with additional insight in today's farming operations, and a complete lesson plan.

A group of Nebraska educators previewed a similar video as part of the development process for this project. The Nebraska educators were impressed. "The curriculum in our school is designed around the state standards addressed at each grade level," one teacher said. "Students do projects and lessons that center around the specific standards and then are assessed on what they know. Learning about the economy is a huge one for fourth graders and this video would stress how important agriculture is to our state's economy."

"The Food for Thought package does a great job addressing study topics important to fourth-graders," says Shane Meyer, Nebraska hog producer and NPPA president. "Teachers will appreciate this entertaining approach to presenting key topics that meet state standards in science, social studies, conservation and economics.

"We are making this video available at no cost to schools because Nebraska is one of the leading pork producing states in the nation," Meyer says. "Nebraska hog farmers want to introduce themselves to Nebraska children because they have a great story to tell."

The Bingo card game is a fun way for elementary students to learn important facts about both pork production, soybean farming, and how science helps us make use of virtually every part of the pig and soybean, without wasting a thing.

The game kit comes with a set of 25 double-faced cards, game tokens, call-out cards, 25 worksheets and a classroom poster. The worksheets feature an 18-word crossword puzzle and a matching game that teaches students about the variety of beneficial products made from pigs and soybeans grown in Nebraska.

Teachers can order the Food for Thought package at, and the Bingo game at Quantities are limited, so teachers are urged to order immediately.

For more information contact Karen Brokaw at 402-432-2299, or by e-mail at [email protected]

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