Field To Table Tour Aimed At Organic Wheat

Field To Table Tour Aimed At Organic Wheat

Focus will be breeding and growing wheat for bread quality.

A June 11 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension field to table tour will give educators, nutritionists, health professionals, farmers and the public more information about breeding and growing organic wheat for bread quality and health, according to Liz Sarno, Extension educator, organic project coordinator.

The field to table tour at UNL's Agricultural Research and Development Center near Mead will start at 10 a.m. and conclude at 3:30 p.m.

Participants will start with a visit to UNL organic research fields to learn how wheat is bred, how wheat works in an organic farm rotation, cover crops used with wheat and promising experimental lines for organic production.

Field To Table Tour Aimed At Organic Wheat

Lunch will feature local artisan breads followed by a panel of local bakers who will discuss available wheat products and characteristics needed in flour for artisan bread.

Shelly Asplin, registered dietitian, and Mary Schluckebier, executive director of the Celiac Sprue Association, will discuss who requires a gluten-free diet, sources of gluten and challenges for those living gluten-free and for grain growers trying to grow for this market.

UNL research results also will be shared on an antioxidant study and wheat quality.

For directions to UNL's ARDC, just 40 minutes from Lincoln or Omaha, visit

For lunch reservations, call Pat at 402-584-3837. For information about the conference, call Liz Sarno at 402-309-0944 or [email protected].

Conference fee is $15 to cover lunch. 
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