HHD Reseeds 400 Lots At HHD

HHD Reseeds 400 Lots At HHD

Roger Luebbe reseeds HHD exhibitor lots this spring with a grass-seed mixture.

Many exhibitors Husker Harvest Days have their grass-covered lots in good shape by show time, which is Sept. 10-11-12 this year.

However, recent dry seasons and the actual foot traffic during the show took a toll on the grass in numerous lots. To remedy that, Roger Luebbe, HHD site manager, this spring drilled a grass seed mixture into 400 exhibitor lots.

"I've been here (as farm and site manager) for 28 years and we've never reseeded on this scale," he adds.

He was hoping for more normal rain this summer to boost the reseeding but rains slowed down in mid-June. But he says the lots will look better by show time.

Luebbe purchased his own 6-foot wide Frontier interseeder that slice a slot to drop seed at ½- to ¾-inch deep. It featured a roller-packer to firm up the slot.
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