How To Register For And Use UNL SoyWater Program

How To Register For And Use UNL SoyWater Program

Make irrigating soybeans easier with this web-based scheduling tool.

SoyWater is an irrigation decision-aid tool developed by a UNL research team led by Jesisica Torrion with funds from the Nebraska Soybean Board.

A reasonably speedy Internet connection is all you really need to track and project daily soybean crop development and crop water use in a specified field. By applying irrigation water only when needed, you can optimize yield by applying the minimum amount of water at just the right time to get the greatest response.

The number of producers and consultants using SoyWater is rapidly growing. Currently, more than 500 producers, crop consultants, and research and extension personnel have registered to use it. We would like to see you join this group!

How To Register For And Use UNL SoyWater Program

To join the UNL SoyWater user community, register now at

Choose a short user ID name (for example, the initials of your name and a couple of easy to remember numbers like the last two digits of your home street address, JT47), and a password. (Many producers use their cell phone number without the dash as an easy to remember password.)

Your ID, password and field information are held in strictest confidence in the secure UNL SoyWater computer system.

After registering, you will receive an email with a four-digit activation code. (If you do not find this email in your inbox within a couple minutes, check your junk mail folder.) You will need this four-digit activation number to complete your registration at

If you do not receive the activation number email, or you need help registering for and using SoyWater, contact
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