Jansen Dairyman Honored at Nebraska Dairy Convention

Jansen Dairyman Honored at Nebraska Dairy Convention

Dean Engelman awarded for leadership and service to dairy industry.

Dean Engelman of Classic Dairy, Inc. near Jansen was honored with the Philip H. Cole Award at the Nebraska Dairy Convention held in Norfolk recently. The award is given in honor of Cole, who served as Nebraska State Dairy Association secretary/treasurer from 1969 to 1984. It goes to Nebraska dairy producers who have exhibited excellence in their dairy operations and leadership and service toward the dairy industry and in their own communities.

Engelman and his wife, Ann, have been involved in their dairy operation since 1992, when Dean and his brother, Gail, purchased the dairy from their parents, Dale and Phyllis. They expanded the operation in 1996 when they formed Classic Dairy.

Jansen Dairyman Honored at Nebraska Dairy Convention

Today, the operation has grown to milk over 1000 head of cows, managing more than 2500 acres of farmland, and employing 11 full-time and three part-time employees outside of family members.

Deeply involved in exhibiting and promoting Holsteins, Dean was chairman of the National Holstein Convention when it was hosted by the Nebraska Holstein Association in 2004.

In addition to dairying, the Engelman's are deeply involved in their community, serving on numerous boards and local councils over the years for their church, school district, county zoning board and in the dairy industry. Dean says that their family members, including grandchildren, also continue to be active participants in the dairy business, and enjoy helping out around the farm. Dean acknowledges that their operation expansion projects, breeding success, herd growth and leadership opportunities within the industry would not have been possible with his brother, Gail, who makes sure the day-to-day dairy operations go smoothly.

You can learn more about Classic Dairy, Inc., milk production and quality awards and other business conducted at the Nebraska Dairy Convention by NSDA members by reading an upcoming print article in Nebraska Farmer, or going online at www.nebraskamilk.org. To learn more about NSDA, contact executive director, Rod Johnson at 402-853-2028 or email [email protected].

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