Laurel Farm Wife Publishes Children's Books From Home

Laurel Farm Wife Publishes Children's Books From Home

Megan Kvols is Farm Bureau regional membership director and avid writer.

The new northeast regional director of membership for Nebraska Farm Bureau wears many hats in her professional, farming and personal life. Megan Kvols of Laurel is raising three young children with her husband, Greg, helping on their corn-soybean farm, working for Farm Bureau and publishing children's books from home.

She began her publishing business, Little Prints Publishing, after their first daughter was born. "I love to write," Kvols says. "I have always loved to write, even as a little girl writing stories and poems. And it has always been a dream of mine to write children's books."

Megan Kvols of Laurel with her son, Grant. Her other children include daughter, Elizabeth, and Grant's twin brother, Jake.

Kvols created her own imprint so her company would be listed on the books. So far she has published four board books, utilizing an illustrator from North Carolina for each book. Her titles include "Good Night, Little One," and "Wake Up, Puppy."

For Kvols and her husband, farming is a special career path. "Farming is a way of life," Kvols says. "I think there is no better place to raise your children than on a farm or ranch," she says. "My children are very blessed because they are the fourth generation to live on this place."

For the Kvols family, teaching their children about work and responsibility, as well as the life cycle of animals and plants on the farm is a basic value and goal. Farm kids are able to understand how food is produced from the seed to the plant to the bin, she explains. "To fully understand it is to live it, and my children get to do that," Kvols says.

Because of modern technology, Kvols is able to have a career and publishing company from home, and still be a mother and farm wife. "If I didn't have a computer, I would be lost," she says. "The Internet has allowed me to write, illustrate, publish and sell my children's books. In addition, it has allowed me to work from home. So much more is being done online, and it is imperative that people stay up on technology because whether we like it or not, it is the way of the future."

If you'd like to learn more about the Kvols family, watch for an upcoming print article in Nebraska Farmer, or visit Megan's Northeast Nebraska Farm Bureau Facebook page.

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