Meet LEAD XXVII Class Members

Newest group has first seminar this month.

The 30 new Nebraska LEAD Group XXVII members have begun their two-year leadership development program.

The newest members of the program are involved in either production agriculture or agribusiness in Nebraska, said Allen Blezek, immediate past director of Nebraska Leadership Education/Action Development.

Blezek retired Sept. 1, after serving as LEAD director for 24 years.

"Once again we are proud to say that Class XXVII appears to be filled with outstanding individuals from throughout the state," Blezek says.

LEAD Fellows will participate in 12 monthly three-day seminars across Nebraska, a 10-day national study/travel seminar and a two to three-week international study/travel seminar.

The goal of the program is to develop problem solvers, decision makers and spokespersons for agriculture and Nebraska.

Seminars focus on agriculture as well as business, industry, labor, economics, public policy, religions, politics, governments, history and other areas designed to develop leaders through exposure to a broad array of current topics and issues and how they interrelate.

The Nebraska LEAD Program is operated by the non-profit Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council Inc. in cooperation with the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and 10 other institutions of higher education throughout Nebraska.

Nebraska LEAD XXVII Fellows in alphabetical order by hometown, are:
Julie Rau-Rhuter, Ainsworth;
Mike Oswald and Todd Reichardt, Aurora;
Bruce Bostelman, Brainard;
Douglas Ferguson, Blue Springs;
Stephanie Stedman, Burr;
David Nichols, Chambers;
Don Bristol, Fairmont;
Lynn Belitz, Fullerton;
Brandy VanDeWalle, Geneva;
Jecca Ostrander, Gordon;
Bryan Terrell, Hay Springs;
Joel Kuehn, Heartwell;
Curtis Friesen, Henderson;
Travis Wenzel, Hyannis;
Frank Beel, Johnstown;
Wayne Bahler, Lamar;
Kenneth Rahjes, Lexington;
Glenn Beller, Lindsay;
Diane Becker, Madison;
John Doerr, Osmond;
Troy Linn, Overton;
John Hay, Palmyra;
Eugene Goering, Platte Center;
Melissa Dearmont, Rose;
Steve Nelson, Schuyler;
Ryan Walker, Scottsbluff;
Alan Estes, Stuart;
Adam Fischer, Valentine;
Andrew Bose, Wayne.

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