Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Will Help You Get Answers

Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Will Help You Get Answers

UNL Extension educators seeking more farmers to take part in replicated trials this year.

The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network is seeking producers to take part in research studies this season.

The NOFRN's goal is to implement a statewide on-farm research program addressing critical farmer production, profitability and natural resources questions, says Keith Glewen, University of Nebraska Extension educator. The project began in 2012 with 40 on-farm comparisons conducted in 10 counties.

Glewen and fellow Extension educator Gary Zoubek of York County are leading the NOFRN. Partners are the Nebraska Corn Growers Association and Nebraska Corn Board.

Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Will Help You Get Answers

"Many corn growers knowingly and unknowingly already conduct research in their own fields," Glewen says. "So this is an opportunity for corn growers and UNL faculty to work closely and generate un-biased, research-based answers at the field level.

"The power in this effort is being able to sort out the inherent field and environmental variability and to determine if differences are the result of treatment effect. And in doing so, information across the state will be collected and shared."

There is no fee to join the network. However, growers may need to cover expenses associated with soil and plant tissue sample collection and analysis. Producers will gain valuable, useful information for their operations, Glewen stresses.

"The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network isn't just about collecting research. We want to assist growers in increasing production, reducing inputs and maintaining or improving profits."

The project includes three research comparison topics in which a grower can choose from one or more. They are: irrigation (water application management in corn production), nitrogen management in both irrigated and dryland production, and corn population study in irrigated and dryland fields. Replicated treatment comparisons will be done in growers' fields, using their equipment.

Contact Glewen at 402-624-8030 or Zoubek at 402-362-5508.
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