Nebraska Field Day Looks At Cool-Season Forages

Nebraska Field Day Looks At Cool-Season Forages

Treatments such as fertilizers and growth stimulants will be explained during event near Garrison.

In eastern Nebraska, pastures made up of primarily cool-season grasses provide important forages for cattle producers. With early warm up, drier than normal weather this spring and the need for tools to assist in recovery from overgrazing cool season pastures, many producers are interested in the use of growth stimulants and fertilizer application to boost grass production at the right time.

Two University of Nebraska Extension educators will evaluate cool-season grass treatments of potential growth products like fertilizers and growth stimulants a cool-season forage production field day set for field sites near Garrison on Apr. 24, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Nebraska Field Day Looks At Cool-Season Forages

UNL Extension forage specialist, Bruce Anderson and UNL Extension crops educator, Mike Rethwisch will lead the discussions.

The first site in a smooth brome hay field will look at comparative evaluations of several different treatments, observing the response of the smooth brome to three different rates of RyzUp Smartgrass. Discussions will center on fertility and timing needs for optimal production.

This site is located just west of the intersection of Highway 92 and Road L on the north side of Highway 92, one mile north of Garrison.

The second site for the field day is a mixed bluegrass pasture that includes other grass species. On this site, educators will evaluate the effects of RyzUp Smartgrass and ProSol 20-20-20 on early season bluegrass growth. This site will also provide a backdrop for discussion about how to begin recovery from overgrazing.

The second site is located on the north side of Road 30, one mile south of Highway 92, between J and I Roads. It is two miles west, one mile south and one quarter mile west of site one.

If you'd like more information, contact the Butler County Extension office at 402-367-7410 or email [email protected].

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