Nebraska Wheat Growers Association Now in Lincoln

Move has been considered for some time.

The Nebraska Wheat Growers Association closed its Ogallala office in late October and relocated to Lincoln.

"The board came to the conclusion that relocating to Lincoln and being in closer proximity to state lawmakers would be beneficial for Nebraska wheat producers," says Mike Sullivan of Wallace, president of the Nebraska Wheat Growers Association.

This relocation brings the NWGA and the Nebraska Wheat Board closer together as well. This not a merger since both entities, by law, must remain separate and will conduct their business accordingly. The NWGA will be hiring a policy/communications specialist that will work closely with NWB staff, according to Sullivan.

Royce Schaneman, executive director of the Nebraska Wheat Board, says a benefit of NWGA's relocation is better use of the office staff's talents and expertise by sharing tasks and responsibilities. Also, it will be beneficial for the NWGA to be located in Lincoln so they have a stronger presence on legislative issues.

The NWGA will continue its mission of informing, protecting and promoting the Nebraska wheat industry, Sullivan says. Currently, NWGA is focusing on farm bill development, water policy, cellulosic ethanol and rail transportation.

Those who have questions on the move should contact the wheat board at 301 Centennial Mall South, P.O. Box 95063, Lincoln, NE 68509. Or they can visit the Web site at

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