Nebraska Wheat Organizations Help Fund 'Wheat Harvest' Movie

Nebraska Wheat Organizations Help Fund 'Wheat Harvest' Movie

Purpose of documentary is to connect consumers with wheat producers and harvesters.

The Nebraska Wheat Board has appropriated funds to the Great American Wheat Harvest documentary film. The board will become one of the film's newest executive sponsors.

Conrad Weaver of ConjoStudios, says the board gave its endorsement early in the film project when Von Johnson, board chairman, Dayton Christensen, Nebraska Wheat Growers Association president, provided the Great American Wheat Harvest with a letter of support to endorse the film's mission of connecting consumers with wheat farmers and harvesters.

Weaver is an independent filmmaker for ConjoStudios. The documentary will be released in spring 2014.

Conrad Weaver, Great American Wheat Harvest documentary filmmaker, accepts sponsorship from the Nebraska Wheat Growers and the Wheat Board for the film. He is pictured with Caroline Brauer, wheat board public information officer, and Royce Schaneman, at far right, wheat board executive director.

"As we've traveled throughout Nebraska this past year, we've come to know and appreciate how this state's wheat board supports its producers and the whole network of people it takes to grow, produce and harvest their crop, Weaver says. "This is an organization that understands the educational impact this film will have by bringing conversation about food from the field to the table."

With wheat harvest filming is complete, "post-production" is in progress. 

In 2009, NWGA created the Mobile Baking Lab as a tool to educate consumers on where their food comes from and connect producers and consumers through fresh-baked wheat foods like cinnamon rolls, bread, cookies and pasta. The Mobile Baking Lab, along with its NWGA volunteers, travels across the United States to events to provide demonstrations of wheat nutrition, education and food choices.

"The cities of Lincoln and Scottsbluff are slated as the two-film premier sites for Nebraska during our state wheat-belt tour, so we look forward to working with NWGA and having the Mobile Baking Lab at these events," Weaver says. "We welcome more state wheat commissions, businesses, organizations and individuals to collaborate with us in their cities and state's film events."

Johnson, chairman of the Nebraska Wheat Board, says the board supports the film as it

strengthens the organization's mission of promoting Nebraska wheat farmers and providing an interactive tool to help explain wheat's role in the world's agricultural food production and diet.

"We believe the Great American Wheat Harvest documentary film shows an overall

perspective of American agriculture and will highlight how our state's wheat farmers take an active role in growing the world's wheat food supply," Johnson says. "We hope viewers will come away with a better understanding of our modern farming practices."

The Nebraska Wheat Board joins Oklahoma Wheat Commission and the Montana

Wheat and Barley Committee as state wheat sponsors. Other Great American Wheat

Harvest major sponsors include John Deere; U.S. Custom Harvesters Inc.; C& B

Operations; MacDon Industries; Case IH; Association of Canadian Custom Harvesters; and TMCO/National Manufacturing.

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