Omaha-Based EPIC Has New Director

Toni Nurenberg leads ethanol promotion group.

The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council has named Toni Nuernberg as its new executive director. She will provide new leadership for EPIC members, the industry and mission to promote the benefits of ethanol through education and promotional programs.

"We are excited to have Toni as the new executive director," says Tom Branhan, EPIC Board president and CEO and president of Glacial Lakes Energy. "Toni is joining a very strong team and will be taking EPIC to new heights as the industry rapidly advances."

Nuernberg comes to EPIC from ACA International where she worked for 29 years. Most recently, she was serving as chief operating officer of ACA International Holding Company Inc. and its for-profit subsidiaries, ACA International Enterprises Inc. and Collectors Insurance Agency Inc.

EPIC's mission is to bring more ethanol to consumers across the country, says Nuernberg.

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