PorkBridge Series Brings Swine Education to Your Home

Nov. 24 is deadline to register.

Pork producers, managers and employees have the opportunity to participate in a six-session, grow-finish educational series, beginning Dec. 7.

PorkBridge allows participants to listen and talk to pork specialists from six universities without leaving the home, office or farm. Participants also are given the opportunity to share their insight with other participating producers, says Duane Reese, University of
Nebraska-Lincoln swine specialist.

Sessions last an hour and a half and are held every two months. Participants call a toll-free number and follow along with session materials on a computer as the speaker goes through the presentation. Time is reserved at the end of each session for questions and discussion.

The series will cover daily decisions related to the grow-finish process, including ventilation, handling techniques, health regimens and feed management. Those taking part will receive a CD containing session materials one week prior to the upcoming session. Materials include presentations, spreadsheets, video clips, or any other publications provided by the speaker.

Program dates and topics include:
Dec. 7--How do ventilation controllers communicate with variable
speed fans?
Feb. 1--Pig handling techniques and options to maximize productivity.
April 5--Pigs and serology testing.
May 31--Out-of-feed events--what we've learned.
Aug. 2--Ethanol, corn and pig profits.
Oct. 4--How do we improve the smell of producing pigs?

Cost is $125 and includes session materials and one phone line per session. The only requirement is that everyone can listen to the presentation while viewing the CD.

Registration is due Nov. 24. There is no limit to the number of participants, but early registration is encouraged to ensure a choice session time. Sessions are offered at noon or 7 p.m. Central Time.

For more information, contact Reese at (402) 472-6425 or e-mail [email protected].

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