Scholting Is NCGA Yield Winner In No-till/Strip Til Category

Scholting Is NCGA Yield Winner In No-till/Strip Til Category

Louisville producer tops other farmers in national yield contest.

Mike Scholting of Louisville topped all other corn producers in the no-till/strip till non-irrigated category of the 2011 Corn Yield Contest.

Scholting's entry yielded 293.59 bushels per acre in the contest sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association. He was the lone Nebraska first-place winner in the 2011 contest.

The 2011 contest fielded a record number of entries. The 8,425 entries in the various categories were 18% more than in 2010 and a jump of 70% since 2007.

"Many of our members joined NCGA so that they could participate in the association's yield contest and test their skills as a grower," says Brandon Hunnicutt, a Nebraska producer from Giltner who is chairman of the Grower Services Action Team. "While many join to gain entry, their view of the organization, and corresponding level of participation, evolves. Once a contest participate looks more closely at our activities and achievements on behalf of all American growers, they see the value in a grassroots approach that unites the voices of corn farmers across the country to affect change.

Reluctant joiners turn into vital members, spokespeople for their industry and active advocates of NCGA membership."

On March 1-3, state and national winners will be recognized at the Commodity Classic in Nashville, Tenn. 

Nebraska state winners in the various categories for 2011 were:


  1. David Jordon, Talmage, 263.96 bushels per acre
  2. Bruce Kies, Blair, 249.55 bushels per acre
  3. Willie Markmann, Omaha, 234.52 bushels per acre

No-till/strip till, irrigated

  1. Tom Snider, McCool Junction, 291.25 bushels an acre
  2. Gary Hinrichs, Bruning, 277.61 bushels per per acre
  3. Murdoch Partnership, Orleans, 275.64 bushels per acre

No-till/strip till, non-irrigated

  1. Mike Scholting, Louisville, 293. 59 bushels per acre
  2. Brett Scholting, Springfield, 278.69 bushels per acre
  3. Scholting Farms, Louisville, 277.38 bushels per acre


  1. Neil Beck, Hastings, 285.53 bushels per acre
  2. Donald Meysenburg, Bellwood, 274.99 bushels per acre
Robin Schrock, Elm Creek, 269.71 bushels per acre
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