Soybean Growers Seize Opportunity with Trans-Fat Solution

Soybean Growers Seize Opportunity with Trans-Fat Solution

Nebraska producer says industry has prepared itself with high oleic soybeans.

High oleic soybeans help build demand for U.S. soybean oil, according Greg Fujan, Nebraska soybean producer from Weston and  board member of the United Soybean Board.

Many years ago, the soybean industry prepared soybean-oil solutions that eliminate trans fats, a move that is especially timely with the Food and Drug Administration's recent trans-fat-ban announcement, Fujan says. High oleic soybeans help protect soybean-oil demand and have the potential to expand markets for U.S. soybean farmers.

"The benefits for our end-use customers really interested me," says Fujan. "These varieties help provide the oil our food customers need and help create sustainable demand for U.S. farmers."

Soybean Growers Seize Opportunity with Trans-Fat Solution

High oleic soybean oil provides much needed functionality for some food customers, without the negative health effects of trans fats, he says. It also adds demand from potential industrial markets.

"These varieties open up markets in lubricants and engine oils that weren't previously available," adds Fujan. "As soybean farmers, we have to try new things and open new markets to increase our profitability."

High oleic soybean varieties are currently being bred to move into expanded soybean growing regions. Farmers in areas of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia can grow them now. To find out more about high oleic soybeans, visit

For more information on the United Soybean Board, visit
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