Take Harvest Samples for Soybean Oil, Protein Content

Ask Soybean Board, UNL Extension for assistance.

In today's soybean export markets, customer demand drives the entire business, says Lisa Lunz, Nebraska Soybean Board member and farmer from Wakefield. Overseas customers demand a soybean high in both protein and oil content.

It's important that Nebraska soybean farmers understand what the oil and protein content is in the soybeans they grow.

"Our customers are demanding that we supply them with a soybean that is at least 19% oil and 35% protein," says Lunz. "It's important that if we are not producing those traits that we select seed varieties that are."

The Nebraska Soybean Board, in cooperation with the University of Nebraska, has developed a program that allows farmers to send in a sample of soybeans at harvest to test their level of protein and oil. The program provides a sample bag with the postage paid and the farmer will get a returned postcard in the mail with their results.

Farmers are encouraged to contact their local Extension educator or call the Nebraska Soybean Board at 1-800-852 BEAN (2326) for more information.

Soybean producers are encouraged to go www.worldsbestbean.org to select seed varieties in 2008 that are high in protein and oil.

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