Thompson, Obama "Win" in Farm Bureau Poll

Straw poll taken during Husker Harvest Days.

It may be several months before the primaries, but Husker Harvest Days visitors this fall indicated they favor Fred Thompson and Barack Obama as the Republican and Democrat candidates, respectively, for president.

That was how a straw poll turned out at the Nebraska Farm Bureau building at HHD Sept. 11-13.

Jay Ferris, Farm Bureau director of grassroots programs, says 552 farmers and ranchers voted in the non-scientific poll. Of that total, 387 votes were cast for Republicans and 165 for Democrats. Thirty-six percent of those casting votes for Republicans threw their support behind Thompson and 35% of those voting for Democrats favored Obama.

Hillary Clinton received 31% of those voting for the Democrats.

Of the Republican candidates, John McCain received 17% of the vote and Rudy Giuliani received 15%.

Participants were asked this question: "If the primaries were held today, which of the following candidates would you support for president in the primary election?"

"People seem to enjoy taking part in public opinion polls and Husker Harvest Days was a good venue to measure where Nebraska farmers and ranchers stand in the presidential election," Ferris says.

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