Time To Apply For Husker Harvest Days Scholarships

Time To Apply For Husker Harvest Days Scholarships

First, contact the Nebraska Department of Education for an application form.

Each year, Nebraska high school graduates can apply for a Husker Harvest Days agricultural scholarship. Nine winners will be chosen from Nebraska high school seniors who pursue advanced degrees in agriculture, agri-business or other agriculture-related fields.

Each scholarship is worth $600 and must be used at a Nebraska educational institution. Selected students are typically active in their high schools and communities as well as maintain a high grade point average.

Husker Harvest Days scholarships are sponsored by the Agricultural Institute of Nebraska, Grand Island, Nebraska Farmer and Husker Harvest Days.

Applications are due Monday, March 12 to the Nebraska Department of Education in Lincoln.

Three scholarships must be given to applicants from Buffalo, Hall, Hamilton, Merrick and Howard counties. The remaining six scholarships will be awarded statewide.

Applicants must have a "B" average or above.

Scholarships must be used at any accredited university, 2- or 4-college or technical school in Nebraska that offers a program or career in agriculture/agribusiness.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance in early May 2012.

To get an application form, contact the Nebraska Department of Education, P.O. Box 94987, Lincoln, NE 68509-4987.


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