Two Alfalfa Expos Next Month in Kearney.

Events will be held at Buffalo County Fairgrounds.

There will be a double dose of alfalfa marketing and production information next month in Nebraska.

That's because of the annual Mid-American Alfalfa Expo will be joined this year by the National Alfalfa Symposium at the same site in Kearney.

The national symposium will be held Feb. 4-5 at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds, followed by the Mid-American Alfalfa Expo on Feb. 5-6. The latter is an annual expo sponsored by the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association.

There are specific agendas for both expos.

For the national event, the agenda includes presentations on:

  • What's new in forage equipment.
  • Alfalfa's future, including using it as a green biomass alternative.
  • Concurrent sessions on managing irrigation and alfalfa as a grazing crop.
  • A panel entitled "Roundup Ready Alfalfa Face-Off.
  • Forage testing accuracy.
  • Fertilizing Alfalfa.
  • Insect concerns.
  • Alfalfa marketing experience.

The NAMA's Mid-America Alfalfa agenda includes:

  • Alfalfa contest.
  • New technology and equipment for 2008.
  • NAMA annual meeting and election of officers.
  • Producer panel and question-and-answer session.

For information, call 1-800-743-1649 or go to

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