UNL Students Are Beef Scholars And Advocates

UNL Students Are Beef Scholars And Advocates

19 students learn how to promote the beef industry and prepare themselves to be leaders.

Nineteen students finished their first year in college as UNL Beef Industry Scholars. And they ended it by earning their Masters in Beef Advocacy degree. The MBA program is an e-learning opportunity developed to assist producers across the country in becoming effective spokespersons for the industry.

The beef advocacy program consists of six, 1-hour core courses in the following areas: beef safety, beef nutrition, animal care, environmental stewardship, modern beef production and the beef checkoff.  Tom Field, director of the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program and freshman Beef Scholars teacher, encouraged the class to participate in the advocacy program.

UNL Students Are Beef Scholars And Advocates

 "The MBA completion provides our Beef Scholars an opportunity to join industry leaders in being prepared to advocate for their business on a continual basis. Immediate engagement with industry efforts helps to prepare our students to lead in the future."

There are more than 4,000 Masters in Beef Advocacy graduates from across the United States, helping to share the positive message about beef via on-line forums, says Ann Marie Bosshamer, executive director of the Nebraska Beef Council. "We are thrilled to have this group of young people graduate from the program and help to share our story via social media and the Internet which on which their generation thrives," she adds.

Students include:  Aaron Aldana, Nebraska City; Steve Fish, Imperial; Lukas Fricke, Ulysses; Laura Gorecki, Farwell; Alex Heine, Yankton, S.D.; Devin Huesinkvelt, Cortland; Hannah Kesterson, Alliance; Jennifer Keyes, Springfield; Halsie Large, Hayes Center; Maci Linemann, Princeton; Alix Mashino, Spencer; Jared McKeever, Wymore; Logan Peters, Pender; Emily Sarbacker, Windsor, Colo.; Kolin Scheele, Odell; Travis Schiefelbein, Kimball, Minn.; Patti Schlickbernd, West Point; and Curtis Wetovick, Fullerton.

Source: Nebraska Beef Council

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