Zach Hunnicutt Of Nebraska Elected YF&R Committee Chair

Zach Hunnicutt Of Nebraska Elected YF&R Committee Chair

Husband and wife both want to encourage farmer use of social media to connect with consumers.

Zach Hunnicutt of Giltners will serve the coming year as chairman of the American Farm Bureau Federation's Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee. He will also serve a one-year term on the AFBF board of directors.

Zach and his wife, Anna, raise irrigated corn, popcorn and soybeans. Hunnicutt graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he earned a degree in agricultural economics. The couple has two children, Everett and Adeline. 

Zach Hunnicutt says it is important for young producers to connect with people outside of agriculture.

Both Zach and Anna  are active in social media, working to tell agriculture's story and helping bridge the gap between consumers and farmers and ranchers. He currently serves as treasurer for the Ag Chat Foundation.  With a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram (zjhunn) and Twitter (@zjhunn), Hunnicutt says he is well-versed in the opportunities social media offers for starting a conversation with consumers nationwide. 

As YF&R chair, Hunnicutt says he intends to continue to build on young farmers' efforts to connect with people outside of agriculture. 

"With social media, I can reach out to people from the seat of my tractor," Hunnicutt says. "It's very effective." 

Hunnicutt also would also like to help younger growers ramp up their involvement in the policy development process in their counties and states. 

"Whether they're just getting started or have long been a part of the policy development process, I'd encourage everyone to get more active, from the early stages of shaping policy to implementation," says Hunnicutt. 

Getting state YF&R committees to collaborate more is another goal of Hunnicutts. 

"The committees should be a great resource for one another. We should be tapping into each other's strengths and learning from each other's successes," he says. 

The YF&R program includes men and women between the ages of 18 and 35. The program's goals are to help younger Farm Bureau members learn more about agriculture, network with other farmers and become future leaders in agriculture and Farm Bureau.

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