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Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 26

Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 26

Emily interviewed me! Anything you've ever wondered: the doctor I didn't become, the grief that's shaped my life, and when it's best not to overthink.

Well friends, the interviewer became the interviewee this week. I can't lie; I was a little nervous.

But Emily is a rockstar interviewer. We talked about everything from what it was like to go from living with 55 women to 1 man, to how my grand career plans took a sharp and marked detour. She asked how I recharged and we talked about creating - and being creative. 

And for the life of me, I could not have been more surprised when she asked about my mother, and how crazy is that? Why wouldn’t I have guessed she might ask about Mom?! So please pardon my stunned silence for a second there, because it really is good to talk about the real and the hard things in our life, and what it all means as we use our grief to serve others and help them down their road.

But I promise it's not all that heavy! We did some rapid fire and a confession: we don't own a coffee pot. 

Plus, my thoughts on not becoming a doctor: "Do you want your life in my hands?" which led to another QOTD from Emily: "I'd rather you write my story than take care of my spleen!" Amen, sister.

And as always, we're talking food, family and farming. Give it a listen! 

P.S. That living-with-55-women thing? That was at 4-H House, and I highly recommend it. Check them out!

P.S.S. We're on Twitter and Instagram, too! Twitter: @emily_webel and @hollyspangler. Instagram: @emilywebel and @hspangler. (Instagram is my favorite!)

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