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HELPING HAND: The new workshops offered by AFAN will help farmers deal with zoning boards when adding livestock.

AFAN helps farmers add livestock operations

New Producer Empowerment Workshops will cover zoning and public relations.

The Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska recently announced a new service called Producer Empowerment Workshops, which are designed for farmers who want to expand their operations by adding livestock.

The curriculum covers topics important to producers, from how the zoning process works to how to communicate with community leaders, decisionmakers and the media. Workshop participants receive a binder with resources to prepare them to navigate the often-complicated expansion process easier and more effectively.

The half-day workshops will walk producers through the ins and outs of dealing with zoning boards, and prepare them to answer concerns from neighbors and community leaders. Workshops can be designed to address issues specific to each livestock group or more broadly designed to include information encompassing several types of livestock.

Agribusinesses, financial organizations, clubs and other producer groups interested in scheduling a Producer Empowerment Workshop can contact Ashley Babl, livestock programming coordinator at AFAN. AFAN will work with the organization to make arrangements and invite customers or members to the workshop.

For more information, contact Ashley Babl at 402-421-4416 or [email protected].

Source: AFAN

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