Apply for Next LEAD Class by June 15

Apply for Next LEAD Class by June 15

Two-year program will develop future ag leaders for Nebraska.

Do you believe you've got the potential to be a spokesperson or leader for Nebraska agriculture? If so, one way to realize that potential is to become part of the Nebraska LEAD Program.

Deadline to apply for LEAD Class XXXI is June 15.

LEAD, which stands for Leadership Education/Action Development, began in 1981 and now has more than 800 alumni. LEAD is a two-year program that consists of monthly three-day seminars throughout Nebraska from September through April each year. LEAD fellows also participate in a 10-day National Study/Travel Seminar the first year and a two- to three-week International Study/Travel Seminar the second year.

Up to 30 men and women "with demonstrated leadership potential" are selected annually from five geographic districts in Nebraska.

The three-pronged purpose of the Nebraska LEAD program is: 1. accelerate leadership develop of Nebraska's future agricultural leaders, 2. improve leadership skills and abilities and increase knowledge of state, national and international affairs, and 3. prepare problem-solvers, decision-makers and spokespersons for the ag industry, while establishing a network of highly motivated leaders.

Applications are available via email from the Nebraska LEAD program. Contact Shana Gerdes at [email protected].

Terry Hejny is director of the program.

Applications can also be obtained by writing: Nebraska LEAD Program, Room 318, Biochemistry Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68508-0763, or by calling 402-472-6810.

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