New Statewide On-Farm Research Network Formed In Nebraska

New Statewide On-Farm Research Network Formed In Nebraska

UNL Extension staff and Nebraska Corn Growers Association are partners and will initially focus on corn.

If you've wanted to try an on-farm crop research project, now is your chance. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is going statewide to conduct on-farm research, beginning this year, with the new Nebraska On-Farm Research Network.

Partnering with the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, the network is seeking producers to participate in projects to address critical production, profitability and natural resource questions, according to Keith Glewen, UNL Extension educator based in Saunders County.

New Statewide On-Farm Research Network Formed in Nebraska

Two successful on-farm research projects—the Nebraska Soybean and Feed Grains Profitability Project in eastern Nebraska and the Quad-County On-Farm Research Project in south central Nebraska—will discontinue and be merged  into the new statewide network.

Glewen says some of the projects in those two areas may continue for this year. Although it's nearing the planting season, project partners for the network are hurrying to set up new projects for 2012.

For now, UNL and NeCGA will focus on corn production issues in three categories: Irrigation management in corn; nitrogen management in both corn irrigated and dryland corn; and corn populations under both dryland and irrigated conditions.

However, Glewen says the network will consider other research topics for corn and for other crops.

There will be no fee to join the research network.

In on-farm research, UNL works with producers before and throughout the growing season on developing field-length research strips, rather than small plots. According to Glewen, a geographic information systems (GIS) technician and an Extension educator will review the harvest plans with the grower in advance of harvest.  Harvest data is collected and formatted by the GIS technician. Statistical analysis is reviewed with the UNL Department of Statistics.

Through the project, producers will conduct replicated treatment comparisons in their fields, using their own equipment.

Local Extension educators meet with producers for individual consultations. Results and a financial analysis are shared with the producers and other UNL faculty.

Also, an annual report, including data from all producers involve in the project statewide, is shared with producers and released to the public.

For more information, contact Glewen at 402-624-8030 and [email protected], or Gary Zoubek, UNL Extension at 402-326-5508 and [email protected].

You can also contact NeCGA at 402-438-6459 or email [email protected].

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