Website Shares Insight into Nebraska Farming, Food Production

Website Shares Insight into Nebraska Farming, Food Production

Alliance for the Future of Nebraska Agriculture site features new videos.

Those interested in learning more about where their food comes from and the farmers/ranchers who raise it can learn more by visiting the A-FAN, the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska, newly re-launched website.

"We believe it's extremely important in this day and age that Nebraskans and others around the country have a true picture of how their food is produced and a chance to get to know the people that are producing it for them.  This site will give people a chance to hear directly from Nebraska farmers/ranchers who work every day to provide the food and fiber that keeps Nebraska and America going," says Willow Holoubek, A-FAN organizational director.

The new site features web videos allowing viewers a chance to see Nebraska livestock farms up close and personal in a way that most people never experience.  The five videos highlighting beef, pork, dairy, poultry and egg farms are available for viewing by visiting the A-FAN website at and are available for download.   

According to Holoubek, the purpose of the videos is to help reconnect the consumer with agriculture, a connection that has been lost over generations as fewer and fewer people live and work or have direct ties to farming and ranching. 

"People want to feel good about where their food comes from.  The reality is that farmers/ranchers feel the same way.  They care very much about the land and their animals and work very hard to ensure a viable food supply.  Farmers have a tremendous amount in common with their urban counterparts when it comes to community values.  The videos will give audiences the chance to see that first hand while learning about livestock farming and food production," said Holoubek.

A-FAN is a non-profit agricultural promotion and awareness organization.

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