cake feeder for livestock
LET THEM EAT CAKE: New cattle cake feeders by Welder Manufacturing fit on to a side-by-side utility vehicle.

New cake feeder made for UTVs

Welder Manufacturing’s cattle feeder will hold 650 pounds of cake or 700 pounds of grain.

Welder Manufacturing, based in Kilgore, Neb., offers a line of cake feeders for cattle that handle almost every feeding circumstance.

The company unveiled a new cake feeder, built specifically for a side-by-side utility vehicle, at the recent Sandhills Cattle Association convention.

The feeders are 40.5 inches long, 26.5 inches wide and 42 inches in height, with an empty weight of about 100 pounds. They will hold roughly 650 pounds of cattle cake or 700 pounds of grain.

These feeders have the option to run on a plug kit wiring harness or be permanently wired to the UTV. A counter can also be installed on the units.

The cake feeders are operated by a weather-resistant 12-volt, 1/8-HP motor. A diamond-weaved belt runs the feed out of a chute on the side. The belts are 6 inches wide and 78 inches long, and are constructed from the same durable belting as the company’s other feeder units.

The basic cake feeding unit retails at $1,650, but you can add a counter for another $150. A plug kit wiring harness for the unit runs an additional $70. Learn more by calling 402-966-2251, or visit

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